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SIG Tactical Business Safety Tip: Why Proper Security Lighting Reduces Liability.

Sometimes, it's possible to overlook the simple things that keep our business machines going down the road. Face it, we are all human and we get caught up in other things that are "important" and let the little things slide to the back burner.

In an effort to remind you about one of those "little things" that may still require your attention, let's talk exterior security lighting for a moment. I know, I know, you have other things to do, but humor me for 3 minutes and let's get this taken care of once and for all so we can put it to bed and not worry about it again.

Without trying to bore you with all the particulars, let me explain WHY exterior security lighting is important. In March 2018, a 6 month study was conducted by the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, the New York City Police Department, and the New York City Housing Authority. After the 6 month study where half of the business buildings were equipped with exterior lights and half were not, it found that the areas with increased lighting reduced the index crime rate, such as murder, robbery and aggravated assaults by 39%. So, how does that translate to my business and my liability? Let me explain:

1) Having proper exterior lighting limits or removes the likelihood of would be attackers to stalk your employees without being discovered.

2) It provides your employees with the ability to move from parking lots to your building while observing and avoiding potential hazards such as ice on the pavement.

3) It lets your employees know that you care about their safety and are willing to invest in your company to protect it.

4) It reduces vehicle theft, larceny, vandalism, vagrancy and assaults by not providing an area of darkness a criminal can use to cover his/her activity.

5) It allows your security element to easily and thoroughly inspect an area from an increased distance lowering his/her risk factors.

6) It provides a clear observation of the area for responding law enforcement agencies and medical first responders should their services be necessary.

7) It lowers liability to your company by lowering risk factors, preventing slip and fall accidents, deterring crime and increasing community awareness that you are willing to invest in your employees and business.

I know what you're saying, OK Jim, I get all that, but lighting is expensive. My answer to that is, "so is recovering from a lawsuit where your company was found responsible."

The bottom line is that you can't afford not to invest in your people and your business and still keep it running smooth down the road. It's never a question of "if" something will happen, it's a question of "when" something will happen and how bad will it be.

Take the time to get a security professional to evaluate your exterior business lighting. DO NOT RELY ON AN ELECTRICIAN FOR SECURITY LIGHTING ADVICE. THEY ARE ONLY AN EXPERT IN ALL THINGS ELECTRICAL-NOT SECURITY. Have your electrician work with your security professional to ensure proper type, placement and operation of your exterior lights so you have the maximum amount of coverage to help reduce your liability.

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