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When asked what sets us apart from all other investigation companies, the reply is simple-our people.  For more than 10 years, Special Investigations Group has created an investigation firm with more law enforcement trained personnel than any other investigation company in Michigan. It's because of those extensive law enforcement backgrounds Special Investigations Group sets the bar for all other investigative companies to follow. 

There is no better investigative training than provided by law enforcement agencies-period.  Investigators who have had formal law enforcement training combined with years of investigative experience, conducting interviews, following leads, identifying individuals of interest all while working within the boundaries of the law are by far the best investigators out there. 

If you are considering retaining an investigative company, we suggest doing some research in the various companies out there.  Look closely at the company owner and their experience as well as the individual investigator(s) that will be working on your case.  Watch out for individuals that are the name and face of the company, but employ personnel that have little or no training as an investigator at a law enforcement agency.  Ask questions about their backgrounds-then make a decision based on information supported by fact.   We are confident you will not find a better selection of experienced investigators than Special Investigations Group.

"The World Is A Dangerous
Place, Not Because Of Those Who Do Evil, But Because Of Those Who Look On And Do Nothing."
Albert Einstein

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