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Wrongful Death Investigation

Dealing with any death is a difficult situation for family and friends of a loved one.  When there is suspicion that a death is due to wrongful or negligent acts of another, it's tragic and action to hold the responsible party accountable can be pursued. 


What is a Wrongful Death? 

In addition to homicide, wrongful death is the death of an individual resulting from the wrongful acts of another.  This includes both intentional and negligent behaviors by the responsible individual.  If a "wrongful death" occurs, certain individuals have standing to file suit against those individuals or entities responsible for the death.  A wrongful death litigation is a civil action that requires the suing party to prove its case with a preponderance of the evidence in order to obtain a judgment in their favor from the court.  

What is a Wrongful Death Investigation? 

The purpose of a wrongful death investigation is to gather enough factual information and evidence about the circumstances and death of an individual to prove that the death was the responsibility of another party in a court of law.  It is the job of the investigator to identify, collect, review and present to legal counsel all the evidence relevant to the case, supportive or not, regarding the death of an individual so they can make a determination how to use that evidence to proceed with litigation.  

Why Special Investigations Group? 

Just as important as an investigation itself is selecting the right investigator(s) to pursue justice for your family. The staff at Special Investigations Group consists of current and former homicide investigators who have extensive training and experience in the investigation of death.  Whatever the circumstances, Special Investigations Group will find the truth and give your family every possible advantage in pursuing justice and compensation in the wrongful death of your loved one.  

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