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Physical Surveillance Services

Information collected through proper & legal surveillance techniques can have a bombshell impact in a courtroom, mediation or negotiation!  Sometimes the evidence can be so compelling it can either bolster or completely disolve any hope for a win on game-day.  

Here's what you need to know about surveillance: 

  • There are several different types of surveillance that can be used depending on the needs of the client and case 

  • Surveillance is a trained skill that should only be attempted by experienced professionals 

  • Surveillance plans are calculated on "likely" behavior indicators and known information and adjusted by the target's activity

  • Surveillance activity is dictated by the target and not the surveillance teams

  • Surveillance is not a replacement for a thorough investigation

  • Surveillance can be more costly than other types of investigation

If you would like more information about surveillance or the experience of our

Surveillance Teams, please Contact Us for a free consultation. 

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