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Non Compete Agreements

In today's business climate, preventing employees and trade secrets from going to a competitor requires constant vigilance. Some, if not most employers in today's business world require their employees to sign non-compete agreements.

Non-compete agreements are the requirement of a current employee to agree (in writing) not to pursue a similar profession or trade in direct competition against his or her current employer. Non-compete agreements are used in many industries to keep former employees from sharing valuable trade secrets, company assets, client lists, processes, software, and business plans with your competitor.

If you suspect or have information that suggests one or more of your former employees have violated a non-compete agreement with your organization, it is critical that you act quickly. Immediately begin gathering information, seizing and protecting computer and networks from sabotage, and contact Special Investigations Group for a consultation.

Special Investigations Group has experience in both criminal and civil courts and can provide your organization with a solid investigative plan. We are committed in assisting you in protecting trade secrets through non-compete agreements.

To learn more about our services and how we can help, please Contact Us for a free consultation.

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