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Litigation Support Services

When litigation is inevitable, the greatest risk to both the plaintiff and defendant is potential for missing information. Incomplete information can lead to erroneous decisions and unintended consequences. Investigations are often required to ensure that all aspects of a case have been completely investigated, including:

  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest,

  • Misrepresentation of assets, and

  • Legal fact finding

  • Evidence documentation and retrieval

  • Public records review

  • Background investigations

  • Covert surveillance, and

  • All witnesses have been located and interviewed.

Whether your focus is targeted research, in depth witness interviews,

or additional intelligence gathered on a specific individual or target, Special Investigations Group has the experience and skill set to obtain the information you need that supports your litigation in a legal and ethical manner. Using our investigative methodologies produces results you can rely on in settlement negotiations, court pleadings, arbitrations, and trials. 

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