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Extortion is illegal and a crime punishable by fines, costs and imprisonment.  It is the illegal way of obtaining an advantage such as money, property, favors or consideration for oneself or someone else from a corporation, individual or any type of institution through coercion.  Extortion is the threatening of a victim to violent acts or anything unpleasant if he/she does not accept to do what they are asked to do. 

Extortion is different than blackmail.  While extortion is the threat of violence or an illegal act, blackmail simply implies the threat of legal action.  

Whether you owe money to someone who is charging you interest so high that you are about to go out of business, or are forced to pay money to avoid information being divulged or a criminal burning down your business, Special Investigations Group can help.  

Our investigators are current and former law enforcement officers, detectives and FBI agents.  We know how to investigate extortion matters and bring the threats to a screeching halt and give you a new start.    


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