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Employee Misconduct

Special Investigations Group understands the tremendous impact an employee misconduct investigation can have on a business, corporation or school district. If not handled properly, the exposure and financial costs of attempting to litigate such a case could be staggering and lead to bankruptcy of your organization and the terminations of key individuals in your organization's "go-to" roster.


Employers conduct investigations because the law requires them to do so. Schools and businesses are required to respond to complaints, which in all cases is a legal obligation. To do so effectively, it is the employer's responsibility to confirm the facts of the allegation and determine through an investigation if the allegation is true or false based on factual information. It is only through confirmed information that the business or school legal counsel can make a determination on how to proceed with its defense.

Another reason for conducting an investigation into a particular employee(s) is to monitor compliance with state and federal laws, prevent fraudulent claims by employees and internal business reasons, such as use of illegal drugs in the workplace. Some common employee misconduct investigations are:

  • Discrimination (violations of law based on race, sex, national origin)

  • Illegal conduct (such as illegal narcotics in the workplace, theft, embezzlement, fraud)

  • Harassment (based on race, sex, national origin)

  • Wage and Hour Violations

  • Corporate Fraud

  • Inappropriate Contact with Students

With decades of experience in high-profile employee misconduct cases, the team at Special Investigations Group will lead your business, corporation or school through its most challenging times by:

  • Reducing attorney involved time and costs

  • Eliminating the need for an administrator to provide a service outside their area of expertise

  • Reducing the time involved in conducting an investigation

  • Providing you and your legal staff with complete and objective investigative results based on fact from a neutral party

Perhaps the most critical issue when conducting employee related investigations is time. Once the employer is made aware of an incident, by verbal, email, texting, or written communication, it is imperative that the employer begin an investigation. Timing is critical, and the more time that goes by without the initiation of an investigation the more likely potential evidence is lost, thus the less likely the employer will be able to defend itself in a litigation proceeding.

Special Investigations Group is ready at moment's notice to meet with you and discuss how we can help. After analyzing your situation, we will develop an investigative plan and get you the answers you need by conducting a thorough investigation quickly and efficiently. At the conclusion of our investigation, we will provide you with written documentation detailing the findings of our investigation in a clear and concise manner. Upon the review of our final report, you will have a complete understanding of the incident enabling you to make a sound decision based on fact.

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