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Drug/Prescription Medication Abuse

How many employers realize that the workplace has become one of the safest places in America to buy and sell drugs? Do employers recognize that drug sales and use by employees result in lost productivity, higher overhead costs, and employee theft and embezzlement? And do employers realize that targeting workplace drug trafficking can be an effective component in their overall anti-drug efforts as well as an effective tool in protecting their organization's reputation and financial bottom line?

Employers often feel ill-equipped to respond properly to workplace drug crimes.

Special Investigations Group has more than 50 years experience with the civil and criminal investigative processes and are not fearful of legal liability issues. By contacting Special Investigations Group, businesses, companies, corporations and school districts have the opportunity to make a difference in reducing America’s problem with drugs in the workplace.  Special Investigations Group will tailor a program to your organizations needs that is designed to help effectively  reduce workplace drug crimes.

According to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, at least 7 million

Americans used cocaine or heroin one or more times in 1991. With millions of U.S. workers being drug users, where do they get those drugs—from street dealers? No! According to drug enforcement experts, most workers obtain illicit drugs at or around their workplace from coworkers.

Illegal drug use by workers has a negative impact on job performance and company profits. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that the typical drug-abusing worker was  five times more likely to file a claim for workers’ compensation,  involved in accidents almost four times more often than other workers, and on sick leave twice the normal level and late to work three times more often than no abusing employees.  Added to these losses are incalculable indirect costs. Workplace drug crimes impair worker judgment, diminish quality, increase health insurance claims and premiums, and push productivity and morale down.

Special Investigations Group can help.  With law enforcement resources limited, everything that must be accomplished for a drug free workplace may not be able to be done.  Since most businesses, corporations, companies and schools do not have their own security or investigative personnel, Special Investigations Group is there to guide your organization to a drug free workplace.  We work directly with your local law enforcement agency and prosecutors office to develop and deploy an aggressive drug prevention program for your organization minimizing liability, reducing costs associated with drug use, and protecting your organizations reputation.  

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