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Family Law Services


In the course of any divorce or child custody battle, private and personal family matters may be revealed to influence the courts decision making process. When it comes to legal proceedings, corroborated evidence is needed to prove one's case. This is where Special Investigations Group can help. Our staff of law enforcement trained investigators  gather factual evidence to support claims made in court. We work with and through your divorce attorneys to determine what specific evidence is necessary to prove a given case.


Even though Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, if you suspect a cheating spouse, it can have a significant impact in the outcome of a courtroom decision.  Special Investigations Group's investigators can use a variety of techniques to substantiate claims of infidelity. Some of the evidence collected can include photos, video, hotel bills, witness interrogations, recorded conversations, and computer files. A spouse who sues for divorce due to marital misconduct typically is awarded a greater portion of the marital property.

Also in Michigan, community property is to be divided evenly between husband and wife. In some cases, however, one spouse may attempt to hide assets to avoid splitting them. Special Investigations Group can investigate finances and discover hidden assets such as private bank accounts, unreported income, travelers' checks, false payments, retirement accounts, and more. A divorce investigation may also be necessary to prove that your spouse squandered marital property and should not be awarded half of what remains.


Not to be confused with a court-ordered child custody evaluation, in some cases one parent may hire an investigator to gather evidence to demonstrate that the parent with custody is unfit. Conditions that might render a parent unfit include physical or mental abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, and exposing children to danger or an unhealthy environment. Once our investigation has accumulated sufficient evidence, a parent can petition to care for the children.

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