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Digital Forensic Services

Can’t we use our IT staff to perform a forensics exam?

Digital forensics requires specialized expertise that goes far beyond normal data analysis and collection that is available to end-users or IT professionals.  One of the biggest mistakes companies make is using their in-house IT staff to attempt to perform digital forensic examinations.  It is important for companies to remember that it is critical to provide proof that the computer data analyzed is legally credible.  IT staffs are trained to keep systems operational and are generally not equipped with the proper training or expertise to perform digital forensics.  Even if you do not believe that your case will end up in litigation it is important to use the expertise of a certified and licensed digital forensics firm.

When is a Digital/Computer Forensic Investigation Needed?

The following is just a small sample of when a digital forensic investigation may be needed:

  • Computer Fraud Investigations

  • Email/Internet Abuse Investigations

  • Harassment and Discrimination Investigations

  • Misappropriation of Proprietary Information

  • Pornography Investigation

  • Breach of Contract

  • Employment Disputes

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Computer Forensic Services

  • The following outlines some of the more popular systems and devices in which we are able to perform digital forensic examinations on:

  • Microsoft Windows Workstation & Server Forensics

  • Linux/Unix Workstations & Servers

  • Macintosh Forensics

  • Cell Phone Forensics

  • Password Recovery

  • Document Decryption

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