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Information Services

If you have been trawling through Google search results or putting names and addresses into bare-bones people searching sites - you are wasting your time and money.  When it comes to looking for people, running background checks, finding hidden assets, bank accounts, social media information or just generally finding all sorts of information about someone, nothing comes close to Special Investigations Group's databases.  Our databases are some of the same data bases law enforcement uses on a daily basis.  


SIG Data/Information Services:

  • National and State Criminal History 

  • Nationwide Warrant Search

  • Traffic Records

  • Police Reports

  • Social Security Verified

  • Credit Checks

  • Asset Locates

  • Accident Reports

  • People Locates

  • Bank Account Information

  • Vehicle Registration/Ownership

  • Property Locates

  • Person Locates

  • Bankruptcy 

  • Judgments 

  • Liens

  • Family Tree/Relationship Charts

  • Cellular Number Subscriber Information

  • Phone Number Subscriber Information

  • Real Time Vehicle Sightings

  • Insurance Claims

  • Court Records/Filings

  • Social Media 

  • Business Reports

  • Email Search

  • Weapons Registration 

  • Voting Registration 

  • and much more!

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