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Background Investigations

Employee background investigations, a more thorough process than a simple background check, is perhaps the most important human resource tool for screening and removing potential threats to any organization. The background investigation improves a company’s ability to:

  • provide for the safety and welfare of children, coworkers, and clients;

  • protect confidential data and client information, trade secrets and processes; preserve community trust.

Ultimately the use of background investigations provides peace of mind for organizational leaders and protects the bottom line by limiting exposure to risk from employee misconduct.

Special Investigations Group believes the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This belief drives the thought process of our "Positions of Trust" background investigation program. We work directly with business, school and public service human resource department heads to develop a hiring a background investigation program that goes beyond state and federal background check requirements. Our service reduces the likelihood of employee theft, fraud, workplace violence and misconduct while protecting organizational reputation and reducing financial risk.


Background investigations are preferred over background checks because they provide better information about potential employee behavior. Unfortunately, most companies adhere to the minimally required standard of conducting a background check even though it is an insufficient approach to eliminating potentially harmful individuals from employment pools.

A background check is a collection of recorded raw data from various sources such as federal, state and municipal law enforcement, credit score, property and vehicle registration agencies. Background checks provide the employer with uncorroborated information. This can lead to a false sense of security and due diligence.

Background investigations are a series of investigative processes that include (but are not limited to) an analysis of a completed background questionnaire, interview, in-person interviews of references, neighbors, and known associates, and a review and analysis of data and social media searches. The results provide employers with information about the potential candidate that is based on fact, creating a sound basis for employment decisions.

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