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Antitrust Litigation Support

Special Investigations Group provides you with the best investigators with real-world experience

in all aspects of antitrust litigation support. Our investigators collect fact-based information admissible in state and federal court systems throughout the United States and are a "must have" for anyone facing arbitration, appeals, or multi-jurisdictional antitrust litigation.

Common Anti-Competitive Practices

  • Monopolization

  • Collusion (including formation of cartels,

      price fixing and bid-rigging)

  • Product bundling and tying

  • Exclusive dealing

  • Dividing territories

  • Predatory pricing

Which of the following corporations has not been involved in an anti-trust case?​

A.)  Ford Motor Company

B.)  Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

C.)  Proctor and Gamble, Inc.

D.)  Morton Salt

E.)  Sharp Electronics

F.)  United Mine Workers

G.)  Pro Football, Inc. (the union representing NFL players)

H.)  American Society of Mechanical Engineers

I.)   None of the above

Answer: J – Antitrust violations occur in all industries.

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