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Undercover Operations

As a leader of your Human Resources Department, monitoring the pulse of your organization's workforce is critical. If you suspect there are employees involved in difficult-to-investigate situations such as theft, drugs in the workplace, or employee misconduct that may be harmful to your organization, placement of an undercover operative within your organization will effectively and thoroughly gather the information you need to develop a course of action. 

Using an undercover operative is an investigative process by which a trained investigator is placed within the workforce to gather information and intelligence on employee conduct harmful to your organization. This type of methodology provides the employer with the opportunity to gather first-hand information and evidence, confirm or disprove rumors, and expose potentially harmful individuals while operating in an undetected manner. 

Special Investigations Group works with top level management, heads of security, and directors of human resources to place operatives in a position that allows access to suspected employees. Once in place, operatives begin the process of gathering information on activity that is harmful to productivity and reputation. Because investigations of this nature are ever-changing, Special Investigations Group maintains constant communication with our operatives and clients to change strategies when necessary. 

Upon the completion of undercover activity, a detailed operational report allows the employer to review the evidence and make necessary changes to personnel and policy. 

Special Investigations Group's undercover operatives enable employers to effectively and efficiently improve their bottom line by reducing or eliminating employee misconduct. At the conclusion of a successful undercover operation, the organization typically sees an increase in employee morale and productivity as well as company profits.

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