On February 15, 2019, 45 year old Gary Martin, an employee at the Henry Pratt facility located in Aurora, Illinois arrived for work at approximately 6:45 a.m.  After clocking in, he spoke to some co-workers and expressed concern of being terminated over a safety violat...

SIG Tactical is honored to have been selected to work with these great organizations to achieve their safety and security goals! 

From the start, SIG Tactical has been focused on raising the bar when it comes to protection for their clients.  Unlike overgrown security c...

Sometimes, it's possible to overlook the simple things that keep our business machines going down the road.  Face it, we are all human and we get caught up in other things that are "important" and let the little things slide to the back burner. 

In an effort to rem...

When people talk "security" I am always amazed at their understanding of what it is and what it takes to achieve it.  In fact, after analyzing all the reasons people/companies hire security to begin with, it becomes abundantly clear the ones who hire unarmed security p...

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